Fund Raising & Levies

Fund Raising & Levies


2010 Student Requisite & School Contribution Fees


About Levies


Roberts McCubbin Primary School is reliant on a range of funding sources to deliver children's educational programs and provide an outstanding educational environment. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development grants the School a Student Resource Package (SRP) for these purposes. However, this sum of money is insufficient to fund fully the extensive resources used by the children, and in recent years, it has not increased to reflect the higher costs of these resources. Our School Council and its committees must therefore continue to supplement SRP funds through levies and fundraising activities to foster curriculum development and provide a safe and attractive school environment.


These funds are critically important to the maintenance and improvement of the outstanding educational environment for our children in each of the key learning areas. In the past, they have been used to fund important equipment and facilities such as:


Air-conditioning and telephone links in classrooms to aid communication and security;

The computerised Library borrowing system;

The all weather synthetic grass area, which can be used by the children for both play and sport, and the re-graded and re-sown natural grass area;

The high perimeter fence, which offers children using these areas a safe and secure environment.


A full explanation and a copy of the payment forms for levies in 2010 are available here (pdf144KB).

Fundraising for us


What do locally raised funds achieve?

Locally raised funds complements government funding to provide and enhance our school's physical and learning environment. Some recent projects include installing new playground equipment, installing of new synthetic grass for the students, the integration of current computers into the classrooms. Thus active fundraising from the community is a practical necessity to ensure our learning resources are attractive and updated.


What are the major fundraising events?

Our major event is the Artists' Camp Fair, held on the Saturday following Cup Day, where children, parents, friends and local business combine to contribute to a gala fete featuring artwork, food, rides and lots of fun.

Terrific groups of hardworking parents also organise events such as:


Mothers' and Fathers' Day gift stalls

Chocolate Drive

Market Night

Trivia Night.


The RMPS Parents & Friends Association provides great support and organises many events and welcomes involvement from new families.


Levies 2010 Explanation

Explanation of Student Requisite and School Contribution Fees 2010CURRICULUM & SERVICES FEE

Books and classroom materials – e.g. maths, literacy books, pencils, crayons, textas, classroom paper, printing costs, portfolio assessment costs and materials for Integrated Inquiry.Specialist program materials and equipment – e.g. Visual and Performing Arts, LOTE, Physical Education and SportOther curriculum resources e.g. photography costs, cooking ingredients



First Aid – Supplies e.g. upkeep of first aid kits, bandages, school epipen and ventolin and First Aid Officer Salary (this salary comes out of school raised funds)



Information Technology – Including computer leases (currently $45,000 per annum), online resources, internet access, computer software, materials for digital portfolios, Mathletics licence and maintenance of interactive technology throughout all areas of the school



Upkeep and ongoing improvement of library fittings and technologyDonations are tax deductible and a separate receipt will be issued



Ongoing improvement of school facilities, carpets, painting and fixturesDonations are tax deductible and a separate receipt will be issued



Maintenance person salaryGarbage collection, lawn mowing and purchase/maintenance of equipmentStrong parent participation on assigned working bee days is required to help keep these costs to a minimum



Supporting the school community through pastoral care, some school events and fundraising.


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2010 Student Requisite & School Contribution Fees

Explanation and payment form for Student Requisite and School Contribution Fees 2010

Facts about locally raised funds (pdf 60KB)

How locally raised funds fit in to the school's global budget