Enhancement Programs





Every year students in the 5/6 year level are invited to try out for the Maths Olympiad team. 30 students are selected to form a team to represent the school in this exciting extension program. The Olympiad provides an excellent opportunity for children to improve their mathematical problem solving skills in a setting designed to extend high achieving Numeracy students.


The Olympiad consists of five separate contests held approximately one month apart between May and September. The overall aim is to encourage students to develop important mathematical problem solving skills in an enjoyable contest environment.


The school provides regular practise sessions prior to each contest and is funds all entry costs for the entire team. Practise sessions take place during school hours at times usually set aside for Numeracy learning.


Contests are held at school during school hours, with the possible exception of any finals the team may qualify for.



The Science Talent Search is an annual event run at Roberts McCubbin Primary School as a lunch time activity. This Enrichment Program is an exciting competition which allows children from all year levels to develop a project of their choice, from board games to computer games, and have it judged by teaching staff from both the primary and secondary school environments.


All children who enter the Science Talent Search receive an official Certificate of Participation. Students who produce outstanding projects may also receive a bursary prize, sponsored by BHP. There is a special judging day at La Trobe University for all bursary winners. This year's topic has been 'Astronomy' - the science of space.



As part of the speaking and listening enrichment program students in the 5/6 year level are invited to participate in the Mont Albert and Surrey Hills Rotary Club Public Speaking Contest. The contest provides opportunities for students to develop their public speaking skills in a fun and stimulating environment, culminating in a fabulous night of competition amongst a group of schools from the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


The program is built into the learning curriculum and every student participates in a school level speaking contest. Students are then selected from each 5/6 class to participate as finalists and repeat their presentations to a panel of teachers.


From this group of finalists two students are invited to represent the school at the inter-school public speaking contest, hosted by the Mont Albert and Surrey Hills Rotary Club.



G.A.T.E.WAYS (Gifted and Talented Education, Extension and Enrichment) was established in 1994 by Win Smith and Jill Lawrence, both of whom have backgrounds in teaching and parenting gifted children. We, at Roberts McCubbin, have invited particular students to attend these programs each term.


It is our aim to provide opportunities for children of 'like-minds', who may be gifted or talented, to participate in programs that will challenge them intellectually and help develop their individual talents.


Various programs deal with different subject matter including finances, technology, history and literacy.

These programs are run at different location across the eastern suburbs.


G.A.T.E.WAYS is an independent, non-funded organisation.



Each year students from years 3-6 have the opportunity to audition for our school Performing Group. These are the children who have a passion for drama and want to develop and show off their skills. The successful students work hard to create a piece of theatre that can be performed to a variety of audiences. These include nursing homes, conferences, the school fair, transition and kindergartens within our area. One of our aims is to raise the profile and visibility of our school in the community. Thanks kids.



The Robbie Mac Running Club is a program that encourages children to take up regular exercise in a non threatening, enjoyable and non competitive way with a view to improving their health and fitness. We meet in the school grounds 2 mornings a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) from 8:15 onwards and walk or run around a set track. Children are able to keep tabs on the distance they’ve run or walked and this is recorded each day . Occasionally awards are given out in assembly when children reach milestones. All are welcome, including mums, dads and siblings. So feel free to join and come as often as you like. We hope to see you there sometime.



We offer music lesson in drums, singing, flute, guitar and piano.