Excursions & Camps



Why we have excursions and incursions at RMPS?


School excursions provide a very effective means of motivating children to participate in and gain real benefit from a variety of learning experiences.They also play an important part in the delivery of the school curriculum. Shared experiences through incursions and excursions provide stimulus and enrichment to classroom programs. They are inline with the class current studies and add to and enrich the learning process.


Excursions and incursions often put into context other studies and are exciting and meaningful to the students.


Why we have camps at RMPS?


Camps are ‘living lessons’ that come alive. Our camps aim to further develop self-awareness and a sense of personal identity for each of our students.


Teachers plan suitable excursions and camps to compliment the school's educational programs. Similarly, teachers will invite expert presenters to visit the school to engage students in such areas as dance, drama, music and integrated studies.


Who is involved?


Students in 3/4 go on a 3 day/2 night camp each year. Students in 5/6 alternate between a 3 day/2 night camp and a week long camp.