Why do we have homework?


Homework activities aim to build independence, personal management skills and preparation for study skills. Homework also strengthens the link between home and school by having parents and teachers working in partnership.


What are the homework expectations for my child?


RMPS homework policy incorporates Department of Education and Training's policy and guidelines.

What are the guidelines?


Students in the Early Years (P-4) homework may consist of reading, gathering information and consolidating and completing tasks based on integrated units of work, literacy and numeracy. Homework should not exceed 30 minutes.


Students in the Middle Years (5/6) are encouraged to develop independent study habits on a regular basis. In addition to the consolidation of language and mathematical concepts, it is expected that the child will explore other sources of information e.g. use of the library, internet and human resources.


Please use the links under the 'students' tab for links to general reference, research and literacy and numeracy revision sites.