School Council

School Council


About the school council


The school council is responsible for determining the educational policy for the school within the guidelines issued by the Minister, reflecting views of students, parents and teachers. There are elections to vacant positions for voting members early in term 1 each year. Parents and staff are encouraged to become actively involved in the School Council. This is an opportunity to involve all members of the school community in the establishment and maintenance of an effective and caring school environment.


School Council Meeting Dates

Meetings are held twice each term on Wednesdays at 7.00pm in the staffroom.


School Council Office Bearers 2017

Executive Officer Marg Pickburn (Principal)

President Jo O'Mara

Vice President Kate Major 

Treasurer Adam McCann


Parent Reps

Jo O'Mara

Kate Major

Adam McCann

Andrea Belmonte

Evan Pearson

Clara Rubera

Will Guthrie

Steve Cronin


Staff Reps

Amanda Wigg

Linda Abbott

Steve Roche


School Council Sub-Committees




Buildings and Grounds - as required



Principal's Report to School Council