Childrens Health

Children's Health


What happens if my child is ill at school?


Please remember that sick children are best catered for at home. We provide a trained First Aid Officer who is on duty every day between 11.00am and 2.45pm. Our First Aid Centre provides for minor injuries or illnesses at school. The school's policy is to contact the parents if the illness is protracted or of a serious nature, so that the child can be taken home.


It is imperative that you inform the General Office / Class Teacher of any changes to telephone numbers, or contact persons especially, so that our information is always current. This is required for any temporary changes as well.


A notice board of photographs is kept in the first aid centre to alert duty teachers of any precautions which must be taken in care of particular children eg. allergies, chronic illness. If you child needs to be on this list, please notify the school.


What if my child needs medications at school?


A medication dispensing permission form is to be filled out by a parent. These are available from the office. Medication is dispensed by the First Aid Officer. No child is to hold their own medication in classrooms, with the exception of ventolin puffers.


School Nurse & Dental Visits


The school nurse comes to the school once a year. Assessments are completed on all Preps with parental permission. If any parent would like their child to see the school nurse at this time, they can also do so.


The Dental Van comes approximately once every two years. Information regarding this service is sent home to families.


Infectious Diseases Exclusions


Influenza, severe colds, etc.

Excluded until well.



Exclude until discharge from eyes has ceased.


Rubella (German Measles)

Until fully recovered or at least 4 days after onset of rash.



Until at least 4 days from the appearance of rash. Refer to school office for child's contacts who may need exclusion.


Whooping Cough

For at least 5 days after starting antibiotic treatment.


Head Lice

Until appropriate treatment commenced.


Scarlet Fever

For at least 24 hours after commencement of antibiotic treatment.


Hepatitis A

Medical Certificate is required and at least 7 days after onset of jaundice or illness.



Until appropriate treatment commenced.



Until appropriate treatment commenced. Sores on exposed surfaces must be covered with a watertight dressing.



For 9 days or until swelling has gone down whichever is sooner.



For at least 14 days from onset. Re-admit with a Medical Certificate.


Chicken Pox

For at least 5 days after first eruption appears. Can return with scabs still present.


Slap Face/Parvovirus

Not excluded but notification to school is important


Meningococcal Infection

Until adequate carrier eradication therapy has been completed.


Hand, Foot and Mouth

Until all blisters have dried


For further information see the Victorian Government Health Information Website