Roberts McCubbin helps nurture curious, capable and courageous Inquirers!

An inquiry based approach is taught in all areas of the curriculum across the school day. Teachers create investigations with rich, transferable concepts that encourage deeper thinking, using questioning to guide the investigation. While investigating a ‘big question’ children develop the following skills of being communicators, self-managers, researchers, collaborators and thinkers.

In each year level we develop questions for investigations, known as the ‘Big Question’. Some examples include ‘Why are animals so important to us?’ (F-2), ‘What Processes Do Plants & Animals Go Through To Provide Resources For Us?’ (3/4), and ‘What makes Earth unique?’ (5/6).

In addition to whole class Inquiries, iTime has been a fantastic addition to our whole school approach to enable student lead learning. During this weekly hour-long session students develop their own investigations and undertake the inquiry process to further develop their toolbox as an independent learner.