At Roberts McCubbin Primary School, the goal of our literacy program is to develop lifelong readers and writers. We achieve this through daily reading, writing and speaking and listening. We use the Victoria Curriculum to plan and assess students learning.



Every child at RMPS participates in a guided or reciprocal reading group each week. They have independent reading time where they are free to choose books of interest matched to their reading ability. Children use comprehension strategies such as, making connections, questioning, visualising, inferring and synthesising. Children from Foundation to year 4 also have access to a number of ebooks through the PM eCollection app.



At RMPS we acknowledge that writing is a complex process. Children are explicitly taught about different writing genres, and are also provided with the opportunity for free choice writing. Each class has their own "Writer's Notebook" and each child individual ‘Writer's Notebooks”. Here the children can draw, write and organise their own ideas before beginning a piece of writing. Every class uses learning intentions and success criteria, which enables all students to take steps to build their writing skills.


Speaking and Listening

At RMPS children are given many opportunities to develop their oral language and it is integrated into all areas of the school. All classrooms use the strategy ‘Turn and talk’, where children are given the opportunity to share ideas and practice the art of active listening. From Foundation to grade six children are given many opportunities to speak in front of their peers. ECO Captains, Junior School Councillors, School Captains, school tours and year 5/6 MASH speeches. Within the classroom students are engaged in many opportunities to receive and provide feedback to others.