Performing Arts at Roberts McCubbin is a culmination of four subjects: Music, Media Studies, Dance and is primarily Drama focused. Performing Arts allows the students to explore their imagination and gives them the opportunity to develop their cognitive skills. All students at Robbie Mac have an hour lesson a week with the Foundation Students also having an extra hour of Music.

Performing Arts is designed to be an extremely fun class where students are encouraged to explore, create and respond to the world around them. 

As they grow up at Robbie Mac, students get to experience classes that incorporate modern technology through the use of our iPads and our green screen. Students develop musicality and have a chance to compose their own songs through the use of ukuleles and other instruments. Every two years we have a full school musical, that gives the students the opportunity to perform to the wider school community.

Performing Arts not only provides a fun and creative outlet for your child, but also aides in developing their self-confidence and interpersonal skills