The children at Roberts McCubbin participate in weekly Visual Arts lessons with either Lena Zappia or Katrina Cassidy.

During Visual Arts, students are encouraged to extend their creativity and to give everything a go. We want students to feel confident in their abilities and to not be afraid of making mistakes as this is the foundation for future learning. Also to understand that learning is a lifelong process and to demonstrate this in our own interactions with students. 

Students will have the opportunity to:

-Engage with a wide variety of mediums such as clay, textiles, painting, collage, printmaking and technology.

-To work collaboratively building social and emotional capabilities, establishing healthy relationships.

 -Work with a resident artist when we successfully achieve grants.

-To be involved in an extension program for selected Year 6 students which provides students with the opportunity to create their own painting for exhibit at a gallery.


-Please ensure your child has an art smock with their name on it.

-Cleaning the Art room is an important part of our lessons and to assist the students in learning this valuable skill.

 -We would be appreciative of: scrubbing brushes, sponges and old towels.