Principal's Welcome

Amanda Wigg


May I extend to you and your child a very warm welcome to Roberts McCubbin Primary School.

I began my appointment as Principal of Roberts McCubbin Primary School in 2018. Prior to this I was Assistant Principal for the past 7 Years.

At Roberts McCubbin Primary School we aim to enhance the social, emotional, creative, physical and intellectual development of all children. The school provides challenging educational opportunities that promote learning and encourage every child to reach their full potential.

The school community shares with you the excitement and the responsibility of ensuring a happy, secure and successful commencement to your child's formal education and life long learning.

A strong partnership between the home and the school is vital for the provision of a successful educational program for children, I therefore invite you to participate in all aspects of our school curriculum, in our teaching programs, class activities, special events, school celebrations, parents' associations and school council committees.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any aspect of our school or your child's welfare.

I look forward to working with you and developing a strong professional relationship.

Amanda Wigg


Teachers 2019


Principal Amanda Wigg

Assistant Principal Peter Watson

Specialist Team

Nicholas Kong (Leader) Performing Arts

Tim Fearn-Wannan Physical Education

Katrina Cassidy Visual Arts

Kelly Vimpani Japanese 

Melinda Browne Robotics

Year 5/6 Team

Kirsty Davies (Leader) 5/6D

Ash van Hattum 5/6V

Renae Greer 5/6G

Jayne McConnell 5/6M

Cassidy van Bloom & Nicholas Kong 5/6C

Year 3/4 Team

Natasha Robb (Leader) 3/4N

Claudia Collins 3/4C

Stephen Roche 3/4S

Cheryl Ryan 3/4R

Erin Cheung & Lena Zappia 3/4E 

Year 1/2 Team

Stephanie Bates (Leader) 1/2B

Anne Seymour & Vicki Marnell 1/2S

Tristan Liao 1/2L

Raelene Schumann 1/2R

Foundation Team

Sonia Robinson (Leader) F2R 

Maria Pase F1P

Kate Pickburn & Emma James F3P

Support Staff


Administration Staff

Suzie Markopoulos

Sarah Kelly

Karen Langton

Tanya Wick

School Psychologist Laura Anderson

Canteen Tash Loverso

Secondhand Uniform Coordinator Tanya Wick

Information Technology Technician Collin Chi

First Aid Tanya Wick

Maintenance Mick Vorenas

Library Technician Ros Cordiner

Education Support


Sophie K



Sophie P



Sophie H