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RMPS Art Show Entry Form 2022

RMPS Art Show

Roberts McCubbin Primary School is named after two great Australian artists, Tom Roberts and Frederick McCubbin, who painted their iconic Australian bush landscapes in the Box Hill South area. We take inspiration from and honour these artists in our school song and through two of our core school values – creativity and endeavour.

RMPS has a strong history of engaging our students in creative pursuits through our dedicated arts program. Every year for the past 26 years we have hosted an art show to celebrate the talents of our local arts community and to raise funds for the RMPS arts program. Our exhibition showcases the work of local established and emerging artists from a variety of artistic disciplines including oil, water colour, photography and mixed media.

Art Show 2022

This year’s exhibition includes fabulous artworks created by over 60 local established and emerging artists. We are excited to be able to bring you two award winning guest artists this year, mixed media artist Kathie Mathes and photographic artist Liza Clements.

The opening night of the art show is on Friday 18th March from 7pm in the school hall with light refreshments and live music provided. The exhibition continues on Saturday 19th of March from 10am til 6pm. 


For more information please contact the school office on (03) 9890 2372 or via email

To stay up to date with the latest RMPS art show news, please follow us on Instagram: @robertsmccubbinartshow

A Beautiful Public School Nestled in the Quiet Streets of Box Hill South

Near the camp where they painted our great Australian bush, stands the school where we learn to care

We care for others and do so every day

To help ourselves in living a truly better way.

Creative and caring,

We learn much by sharing,

At Roberts McCubbin Primary School.

We love our school!

meet amanda

My hope is that the experience we are trying to provide for you on this website gives you an accurate insight into the truly unique community that we are. We see ourselves as far more than a school – we are a community rich in diversity and welcoming to all. The best way to meet us is by starting with our online tour. Follow the links on this page and register today!

– Amanda Wigg | Roberts McCubbin Primary School


It’s no real secret that the quality of a school is largely influenced by the quality of the staff. We are so fortunate to have a rich diversity of talent, experience, enthusiasm and energy and our teachers truly care. They care for your children and they want nothing more than the best for them. We also believe teaching children is NOT only done at school. We strive hard to build partnerships with you – our parents. It’s what makes us who we are.


Let’s Talk Curriculum

We are proud to have a wide range of opportunities on offer

What year is your child

Starting School?

We have professionally produced dozens of videos that showcase the 4 levels within our school (Foundation, Year 1/2, Year 3/4 & Year 5/6). As well as welcoming a new yearly group of foundation students, we are also happy to welcome new students from any year levels if you are moving into our area. On our website you will hear from teachers from all levels.  We hope it will give you a great insight into what is on offer here at our wonderful school!

Follow the links to our online tour.
We can’t wait to share our story with you!


– Amanda Wigg


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We have produced some teaser videos below but the best way to meet us is to register and watch the full videos



So many reasons – not enough time! But here are a few highlights in just over a minute!


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A community resource by Roberts McCubbin Primary School

We take education seriously.
So seriously in fact that we want to extend education beyond the classroom and have it filter into the community.

One of the foundations of strong communities with healthy people (both mind and body) is access to education.

UpSchool is an online resource we invite you to explore,  immerse in and be inspired by.

This free and growing resource is our way of sharing positive and inspiring messages that we feel will have a direct and positive impact on our community.

Something in here for all ages

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