School Values

School Values

  • Creativity: This includes being curious, capable inquirers, using our imaginations, showing our ideas in different ways, thinking flexibly to solve our problems, expressing ourselves, celebrating different ways of learning, exploring our own ideas and taking risks
  • Endeavour: This includes putting in your best effort, persevering, showing determination, setting achievable SMART goals and being resilient when things don’t go according to plan

  • Respect: This includes taking care of ourselves, our school, others and their belongings, looking after each other, using appropriate voices, words and body language, using good manners and being nice, accepting and celebrating individual differences and treating others the way you like to be treated

  • Trust: This includes supporting and believing in others, feeling safe, encouraging others, acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of others, being able to trust all members of our school community, having a go and not being afraid to make mistakes, showing we can safely and appropriately use school equipment

  • Honesty: This includes being truthful, accepting responsibility for our own behaviour and actions, acknowledging poor choices we sometimes make and accepting appropriate consequences, doing our best and accepting challenges so we can learn

  • Friendliness: This includes being kind and speaking nicely to your mates and all other members of the school community, acknowledging people by saying ’Hello’, being an inclusive school member by asking ‘Are you OK?’, ‘Would you like to play?’ or ‘Can I help?’



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